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Hello! I'm Maddie, the founder and instructor of J'adore Wedding Dance Adelaide. I truly believe that your love story deserves a wedding dance as unique as you! My mission is to make high quality wedding dance lessons accessible to all couples. I am here to help you feel confident and enjoy this part of your big day. Get ready to impress your guests with a memorable first dance!

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If you have decided to have a first dance, lessons should be a non-negotiable. There is nothing worse than feeling underprepared when having all your friends and family, photographers and videographers watching an 'awkward sway' or even worse a 'dip' that turns into a fall!!! (I'm sure you can see the scene playing out in your head right now.) 

Leave the fancy footwork to the pros and give yourself the peace of mind that your wedding dance is in good hands with J'adore!

J'adore has allowed me to combine my passions of dance, helping others, and weddings all in the one place. I love dancing, and that's exactly what J'adore means in French 'I love'. I was lucky enough to even dance professionally in Paris in 2019 (You can ask me more about that in your first lesson). With over 10 years of professional performance and choreography experience, I have a world of knowledge at my dancing feet

Wedding dance lessons from the comfort of your own home make for a fun date night and are super convenient. Having lessons held at your own home are great for busy schedules and takes out travel time for you. We understand that planning a wedding has lots of moving pieces and that last minute changes to lesson time or days are important to suit your lifestyle.

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I cannot wait to meet you and your partner and chat more. It would be my absolute pleasure to help prepare you both for your wedding dance.

"Maddie was a light of hope for us dance novices. She is a natural born teacher and was a pleasure to have in our home to help us. She taught with no judgement, her choreography is fun but achievable. Maddie, you are a life saver!

Mary & Ben

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